About Carol Dunitz

As a child, Carol Dunitz always said she wanted to write and perform in musicals. Years later after her children were grown she began to pursue her life long dream. “Bernhardt On Broadway,” the musical she wrote about Sarah Bernhardt, premiered in 2010 and has been enthusiastically received by audiences everywhere. She has now added “Mrs. President Lincoln” to her repertoire.

Dunitz 'thinks' in music. When she is exposed to a new idea, thought or setting, melodies simply appear in her head. The score for “Mrs. President Lincoln” is reminiscent of the mid-19th century, the times of Stephen Foster and John Philip Sousa. "It was natural that waltzes, marches and polkas would come to me while writing a show set in the 1860s," Dunitz explains.

Dunitz has written a number of books including critically acclaimed, “Louder Than Thunder,” numerous speeches and scripts, and extensive marketing materials over the years. She also speaks professionally.