Accolades & Reviews

"Undeniably catchy tunes. I couldn't stop whistling."

Rob Crozier, Owner
Ann Arbor, Michigan

When I first met Carol I was impressed that she had such a clear idea of what she wanted to do with the music for "Mrs. President Lincoln." She had already spent a long time thinking about each song, which made it easy for me to arrange her music in the style she wanted. We had a lot of discussions about musical effects and choosing just the right instruments to convey the moods for each song. Even though the songs are very much her own compositions, she was always respectful of my suggestions for tweaking things here and there to fit with the score. I really appreciated her patience and supportive attitude throughout the whole project.

The recordings sound great. I love all the lyrics! I am delighted with the way "Willie's Lullaby" turned out. The character voices in "The Gossips Waltz" are great fun! All the songs have really come together now that the vocal tracks are in place.

Carol's passion and dedication for this project - the show, the costumes, everything - is inspiring. There is truly nobody like Carol Dunitz. I am glad to have worked with her.

Nick Thomas-Low
Music Arranger
Ann Arbor, MI

Carol Dunitz infuses incredible creative force into the music, book, and lyrics of "Mrs. President Lincoln." Not content with a mere tour de force performance, her one-woman musical unfurls the history of Mary Todd Lincoln with accuracy, amusement, and an arpeggio of songs that liltingly mirror the music of that era. The Original Cast Album spins Mary’s timeless tale with a toe-tapping tableau of tunes with something for everyone.

David W. Menefee
Pulitzer Nominated Author
(Brothers of the Storm, 2011 MPI)
Dallas, TX